Tubo line was launched in 2013 and represents the peak achievement of our business. It represents the summary of our business philosophy together with our vast experience and knowledge gained through many years of hard work.

Nevertheless, its refined design concept further continues to evolve with each single improvement and new feature. Tubo line includes a dozen of bin models with more than 70 variations and by all means provides the most extensive offer of its kind on the market. It meets all the requirements of a variety of user profiles whilst at the same time retains utter functionality and eye-catching design.

The particular clarity of design concept can be found in all variations of Tubo line, which makes the entire collection distinctive and easily recognizable. Ultimately, purpose and size define the final looks of the bin which is consequently adapted to the needs of use and ways of discharge.

Tubo line is achieving an optimal balance of design and functionality, build quality and favourable cost.

During the development process much attention is paid to high performance and overall excellence. Every inch of each product was designed with the greatest care and not a single detail is left to chance.

Particularly prominent is the ecological attribute of the Tubo project due to its highly energy-efficient production process with causing a minimum amount of waste. Also, the simplicity of product composition allows for an easy recycling process of the bin after its long lifespan.

Characteristics such as uncompromising quality and resistance to weathering and vandalism are achieved by superb production technology. Advanced technology has also allowed for very competitive cost without saving on materials.

Consequently, one of the main features of Tubo line is the use of sturdy materials, such as steel plates of thickness up to 5 mm, that emphasize hardiness and durability of the products.